NAVHDA Judge Request
Today's Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019
Judges should be requested AFTER the director of testing approves the test request.

When getting your judges for your test please remember that two newly appointed, first year judges should not be on the same judging team.

Be sure that you have contacted your judges BEFORE submitting a request for approval.

Enter the 13-17 digit Event Identifier you received with the test approval.

If your e-mail program supports it, you may also click on the link provided in the message or, you might wish to copy and paste the information in the box at right.

The reference number was provided to the test secretary as listed on the original request. If another person is responsible for requesting judges, the test secretary should have forwarded the information.

If all else fails, the NAVHDA central office can retrieve the information.

Event Identifier: